About Us

We invest in entrepreneurs reshaping the commerce world through technology to make it better.
We don't only provide capital, we put our time in helping our investments grow and be successful.


Portfolio Companies

$200K – $600K

Investment Range


Raised by our Portfolio

A Unique Vision for the Commerce World

Interlace was born from a seemingly obvious opportunity. As the Consumer behavior is changing, Commerce and Retail is mutating at an incredible pace putting pressure on the largest actors in the space to transform.

Meanwhile, large amounts of capital is being poured into new high growth consumer companies aka DtC companies requiring massive amounts of investments in marketing but also in Technology to scale.

Technology has a major role to play in this moving environment to enable better consumption: more personnalize, sustainable and convenient.

A Dedicated Sector Expertise

Yet no venture capital funds were focused on Technology for the Commerce World. We have the industry expertise and relationships to capture and create value to fund and support the most innovating Technology for the Commerce World.

Our careers have been spent in the retail, technology and investment worlds, giving us a unique understanding of the market, the customer dynamics and their needs.

A Full Network at Your Service

So after years of operating and investing in the space, we started a dedicated VC fund dedicated to Technology for the Commerce World. We brougth together some of the incumbents themselves, representing the largest actors from the retail, distribution and FMCG space.

On top of our existing network of professionals in the distribution and consumer space, our full network is available to you from Day 1 and all have a vested interest in our portfolio's success.

A Global Operational Experience

Not only have we invested in this space for the past 4 years, we are experienced operators ourselves in the global Commerce and Retail world, from China to Euriope and the United States.

We have also built a best-in-class team of operating and advisory professionals all dedicated to make our portfolio succeed.

A Belief that Diversity Outperforms

Diversity is the basis of creativity, speed and performance in business, we’ve seen it from our 35 years in the global commerce space.

We live it day by day as a team from very diverse backgrounds, culture and ethnicity.